Why are you celebrating?

Beautiful day to begin the celebrations. I am celebrating the miraculous, hard-working, far-sighted, visionary, tenacious and dedicated fortitude of our founding people.  Wow, what a time of change and upheaval that was, a couple hundred plus years ago.  I have decided that I am celebrating every single person who ever did and now does, live and love this awesome land we occupy.  I am honored to be a part of this group.

Right now, I am being called to be holding a powerful and loving vision for those we have chosen to govern, at every level. I feel the tensions we are experiencing as we are passing through turbulent times both at home and in so many regions around the world. Here it feels like we are experiencing an identity crisis.  My response is to imagine and create in my heart and mind, a country of people, of practices, of interactions, of leadership that supports my values:

  • Peaceful
  • Intelligent
  • Benevolent
  • Safety for All
  • Loving
  • Competent
  • Building Bridges for Constructive Communication together
  • Centered and Grounded
  • Enough-for-everyone in Abundance Nation.

I am loving this vision of our leaders:  the high level of integrity, compassion, positive global impact, equality and equity for all, prosperity for everyone (without exception),  and love for this lovely land and respect for Mother Earth.  I am sending my vision out into the world, knowing that it definitely, will have an impact.  

Feel free, this Fourth of July, to join me in holding this vision and knowing the Truth of it now.  I invite you to create your own positive powerful vision of what you wish to see happening now, in our country, with our leaders and with all of our people coming together in unity, friendship, support and shared visions.  Share your thoughts and vision with me in the comments below.  I welcome your ideas and input!!

On a personal note, today I am celebrating my freedom of movement, freedom from oppression, freedom to speak my mind, freedom to create the life I want.  Pretty potent stuff and I am grateful.

I am in the midst of claiming my freedom from clutter and collected stuff.  I am doing my happy dance in the middle of the storage unit hallway in this photo!!

I am gratefully releasing the stuff, the things I’m no longer using or with which I am no longer in love.  I am gratefully releasing the thoughts that limit me.  I am gratefully releasing the old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve me in this new vision of who I am.  I am gratefully releasing any feelings of lack or less-than, inadequacy, blame or shame.

I am celebrating this weekend so many freedoms, some personal, some community, some national, some Universal.  I invite you to go deep with yourself this weekend, connect with the freedoms that really move you, that allow you, that free you to be all you are.

Remember to post your ideas, comments, visions, or questions below.

Free your dream, free your inner wonder, free your beautiful Self.






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