On Being Unstoppable

How delightfully mundane, how real, how fresh this felt as I read Jessica’s post. To be relieved of the burden of constant pushing, being “on,” and the created fantasy world of being, what — unstoppable?

I get it, when we are in the building, budding, gestating stage, when we are so focused, so directed to reach that certain level of achievement, when we can breath a sigh of relief, as when we crest the hill and we can see the vista spread out before us before we journey onward. Yet along the way, it is the very daily doing and being part of life, which are vital actually, to be present for the view even when we are in that determined frenzy to climb higher. The air is different, and if we miss this moment, it will not come back around. Allow the mystery of life and not the myth of something we are not, to infiltrate our beings.


Last week, I visited the webpage of a coaching school someone I know is considering. On the school’s homepage, a graduate of the program boasted that the school’s methodology had enabled her to teach her clients to be “unstoppable.” And that stopped me, right in my tracks.

The nature of being human is that we are eminently stoppable. Our very biology gives us natural limits to how hard we can push. We need to breathe, to drink, eat, and sleep. We crave touch, the sun, fresh air, and communication. Our bodies are covered in a soft flesh–relatively defenseless with no claws or sharp teeth. We bleed and heal. Our reproductive cycle gives us utterly helpless young, demanding that we stop and take notice and care for these vulnerable creatures. And, of course, we die–the ultimate full stop. Death comes for us all with no regard for how hard we try…

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