Why is Ceremony Important?

Ceremony is an acknowledgement, an observation and a marker.  It is created around an occasion of value and importance.  We are ultimately acknowledging ourselves, in the  mirror of acknowledging and recognizing others as part of custom, our circle and community.  As we witness and participate in ceremony, we share the values and honor the other participants in a manner that is deeply connective at a transcendent level.

Ceremonies are meant to bring the Divine into higher resolution.  We create them to sharpen our sensitivity to and our awareness of the Divine in our midst.  We create them to open Sacred Space in our world.

Ceremony is a conscious choice to take a moment and be present for something outside of and larger than ourselves; for a specific reason.   To witness a shared experience that is pierced and woven through with special meaning or holy nuance.    It is our deep desire to align with and belong to this Other something, and to feel this bond and connection.  This Other something is a shared experience of the Divine being called in and being actively present.

This coming together—in community (whether there be two or two hundred) is a communing with God.  Our very act of joining with others for this purpose, to honor and celebrate collectively this something special,  an occasion of significance; this amplifies, magnifies and elevates the Spirit that flows in and around us.  When we come together with a single point of focus, to support and celebrate, witness and bless, share and uphold, we are communing with the Gods and Goddesses.  We allow their presence to become larger, more moving, and more personal.  We welcome it.

Sacred Ceremony, where people come together to honor and celebrate.   When we do this, we create space in our heart, an opening in our core.  We make a little room for something else to enter and be with us.  We pour out a measure of our selves and in so doing, a measure of the Sacred flows inward. In this we allow our emotions to expand and step forward.  Maybe our thinking minds sit back and relax a little.  We come into a greater balance of our small self and our large Self.  In this manner we create a circle of flow and a gathering in of God energy.

I invite you to consider the possibility of a uniquely and individual ceremony in your near future.






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