Mercury Retrograde, a time to – Relax?

Staring at this brand new year going right into Mercury Retrograde, I had to get on the ball.  Think fast. I don’t want to be caught unaware by my own doing, due to overlooked cosmological influences.   For some this astrological period of time is not a welcome sign.  However, consider the pluses and perhaps hidden upsides to this planetary alignment happening now, at the beginning of our new year.

I am not an astrologer.  Not even close.  But I recognize that Mercury Retrograde is usually a great time for introspection.  It may not be a time for starting a new endeavor, but rather a time to contemplate.  Think of this as the time of the “R’s” (as in Retro); rethink, reflect, research, reconsider, review, re-evaluate, revise, refresh and my relationships to the world around me.  This is time also to be slow to speak and reconsider words before they are uttered and cannot be unsaid.  Since communications are said to often be spicy or dicey during this time, better to pause and count your toes (for most of us, that’s 1 to 10) before you speak your mind.  Better yet, leave it unsaid, write it down and leave it be for a few weeks.


So allow this short season of “time at a standstill” to inform and enlighten.  Relax into it.  Do as it suggests and cultivate your inner and outer calm.  Spend some time alone with wonderful you.  Invest in your well-being.  By this I mean to spend “quality” time with you (yourSelf) and tune out the opinions, expectations and influences of others “out there.”  Tap into the wealth of your heart’s desires.  Tap in and practice listening to your quiet inner voice.  This is where you will locate the World Wide Inner-Web of Complete Information on and about You—from (who better!) the World’s Leading Authority on You.  Yes of course it’s that simple.  Your Inner Guidance System (IGS) is never-fail, but the key to using it well is to tune into its frequency, and then listen to it, in the quiet.  For many, it is not always that easy.  Absolutely do-able though.  It’s a practice, like any other — Fitness, well-being, nutrition, finance, habits of all types respond readily to methods of practice.  Write it into your calendar.  Schedule a specific time every day for what I like to call “quiet time.   There are multitudes of guides on mediation, getting quiet, sitting in nature, and more.  In as little as five minutes a day, and some “practice,” you can tap into the treasure trove that’s inside you.

In three weeks, Mercury Retrograde will have gone direct.  Communications will again be clear, technology and new endeavors will come off without a hitch, and you?  You will be ahead of the rest with your newly invested (re-) source of well-being and new practice of inner – treasure hunting.


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