Daily Life as Metaphor: Counting Change

coins 2

I have moved recently to another area of the country.  Metaphor:   EVERYTHING IS CHANGED.  Wow, this is a big one and pretty obvious.  Today I am getting settled in and creating or adjusting the systems that allow me to function in my new environment.   I am counting my change—literally.

During the packing up of the other house and life, I missed a jar of coin change I had until the last minute.  As I didn’t want to make a run to the bank to cash or deposit it; I just packed it in the corner of a box.  I thought– I’ll cash it in when I am settled into my new home.

When I wanted to deposit the money in my change jar at my previous bank, I simply took the whole shebang in and turned it over.  They dumped it into the machine, which counted it and they told me how much I had to deposit.

My new bank branch, I discovered yesterday, does not have a coin counter.  I asked for the paper coin rolls; took them and my change jar home.  Today as I sit at my table counting out stacks of quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, I am struck by the metaphor of it.  I am literally (and metaphorically) looking at and organizing the change in my life at this moment.

coins stacked

It is significant change that is for sure.  If you have ever moved, you know how unsettling, chaotic and perhaps even traumatic this change can be.  I like the “idea” of change well-enough (and I recognize that there are many who do not like or are not comfortable with the idea of change at all).  Me, I like to shake things up from time to time and shift my life around.  However—I do NOT like so much the actual process of change,  tying up  loose ends, packing, so many decisions around what to keep or not, how to make the move, where to go, and the myriad of decisions and extra activity that needs to happen in order for the move to actually happen in a manner that supports me.

Let’s get back to daily life as metaphor.   Dumping my jar of change out on the table to organize, count, and stack into paper rolls so I can deposit it, is a powerful moment of awareness for me.  As I count my coins, I am counting my blessings.  I had so much help with this move.  I witnessed so many synchronicities and experienced so much flow.  While I’m not actually gonna say it was easy, it was a far different scenario from the trauma of some past moves.

I have a big bundle of change going on here.  I am recognizing that I can take stock of it (as I’m actually doing now at the kitchen table).  I can count out and tally my extra stashed cash.  I can also count out shifts in awareness, emotions, and thought patterns.  The changes are real, like the coins.  The changes are showing up in my mindfulness, my body, my view point, my health, my career, my wealth and more.

What is going on in your daily life today?  Are you willing to be open to pick out a few moments of your day as metaphor for what is going on under your skin?  I’d love to hear from you about your metaphoric moments.  I’m also curious to know your thoughts on my “counting change” daily metaphor.  Please share your comments and thoughts below!  Let’s keep the discussion going.


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  1. I love your take on the metaphor of change and how many ways it applies to your life! I love that you have the insight to see all the different metaphors and that you appreciate your insights and honor them. You are an amazing, creative, and awe-inspiring woman! Keep your soul-full posts coming!!


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