To be empowered. I love the sound of this. But I do not always feel like I am “empowered,” For months, (ok shall I be frank and say “years?”) I’ve been decluttering, clearing stuff out, organizing and making room for my new, improved life. I don’t know if you can relate, but this is a lifestyle choice, let’s face it. To be in a semi-perpetual state of discombobulation, so that you are never quite there, in your new improved state of life. It’s a way of being that is used, most often unconsciously, to keep ourselves in our current (all too often, dis-empowered) pattern of beliefs, thinking and circumstances. Usually because that is familiar territory, even if it is uncomfortable, for us. Brilliant, isn’t it? Why do I choose this mess and avoid moving forward? Ok don’t answer me out loud. But that is how our minds’ operate. I know better.

So I’m now actually taking my state of discombobulation and rearranging it. I’m dis-assembling it, bit by bit. It is a process. Let. Me. Tell. You. As if you didn’t already know because, you either: A. Have your own discombobulated lifestyle so you can totally relate; or B. Have a neat, orderly and organized lifestyle, so you might not understand a word I’m saying. Clutter, disorder, chaos and too-much-stuff are not only physical symptoms. You probably are already aware of this. I am really seeing the results of my efforts in clearing stuff out. I am setting new boundaries. I am able to claim new space and claim new dreams. I am embracing new ideas, new levels of awareness.

This year, actually this month, this week, I’ve taken the decluttering, systemizing, simplying to an entirely whole new level. This level is one in which I actually make progress. Into another dimension–wooo hooo! Whole rooms are being cleared, swept away by the tsunami of my passion for LESS. And in less, my Life is More. I am finding More meaning. As in, what is More important, the experiences of life or the stuff of life. Right now, I’m swinging my pendulum way over to the side of experience, so the stuff has got to go. Simplify. That’s my new motto. I am claiming my empowerment; I’m moving forward in an expansive, exciting, empowered manner. Simplify, that’s my new lifestyle choice.


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